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Tundra In Cab Outlets

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Product Details
Manufacturer: Tundra
Part #: IPO
  • The Tundra in-cab system of 120 V power outlets eliminates the problem of how to get electric current from power inverters into truck cabs. Made to the highest quality standards, the Tundra IPO series of AC outlets is the ideal solution for cleaner and safer electrical installations
  • Comes with standard plugs and sockets
  • Tamper-resistant outlets for maximum safety
  • Compatible with all inverter brands
  • Designed to fit all sleeper sizes
  • Made of highly durable materials
  • Two mounting options:
    • Recessed cable
    • Surface cable
  • Complete set for inverter up to 3000 W
  • Includes IPO20 + IPO30 + IPO40 + IPOYH
  • For inverter with hardwire outlet only

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