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Stainless Top Mud Flap Plate Five 9 LED 2" Lights & Visors - Red LED/Clear Lens

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Brand: United Pacific
Stainless Steel Top Mud Flap Light Bracket with Five 2" LED Lights
9 Red LED w/ Clear Lens Clearance/Marker Light Item # 38363B
Available w/ Chrome Bezel with Visor Item # 10481
Stainless Steel Top Mud Flap Light Bracket Item # 21397
Warranty 6 Months

Item # 10481B
Chrome Plastic Bezel for Grommet Mounted Light
2" Light Bezel w/ Visor
Available For Various Mounting Grommets
Stainless Steel Mounting Screws Included
Warranty 6 Months

Item # 21397
Stainless Steel Top Mud Flap Light Bracket
Each Light Bracket has Five 2" Light Cutouts
Warranty 6 Months

Item # 31505
Black Rubber Grommet for 2" Light
Flush Mount
Provides Lamps with Additional Shock and Vibration Absorbency
Warranty 6 Months

Item # 34224
7" Lead Wire
5 Molded 2 Wire Plugs
Warranty 6 Months

Item # 38363B
2" Flat Clearance/Marker Light with 9 LEDs
9 Red LED w/ Clear Lens
Available w/ 2 Female Terminals
Recommended Plug: Item # 34210
Dimensions 2" L x 2" H x 1" W
Warranty 10 Years
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