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Volvo VNL 2004+ Projection Halogen Headlight DRL Turn Signal LED Black, Driver or Passenger Side

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Volvo VNL Halogen and LED Projector Headlight Assembly


Passenger and Driver Side


D.O.T Compliance Yes
Sold Individual
Designed to Fit Passenger/Driver Side
Bulb Type Halogen Projector
Beam High / Low Beam
Function Daytime Running LED
Function 2 Amber Turn Signal LED
Daytime Running Diodes 18 Diodes
Turn Signal Diodes 18 Diodes
Warranty 2 Year Warranty on LEDs (Halogen Bulb Not Included)
Technical Specification:
Daytime Running (Watts / Amps) 0.6W / 0.57A
Turn Signal (Watts / Amps) 1W / 0.54A
High Beam (Volts / Amps) 12.8v / 4.71A
Low Beam (Volts / Amps) 12.8v / 4.08A
Gauge 18AWG

Please Make Sure You Have a VNL Model before Purchasing.

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