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Mini Train Horn w/ Heavy Duty Air Compressor and 5.5 Liter Air Tank

SKU 46173
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Brand: United Pacific
Chrome Deluxe 4 Trumpet Mini Train Horn (UP Item # 46123) w/ Heavy Duty Air Compressor and 5.5 Liter Air Tank (UP Item # 46140)
Kit Includes:
1 Train Horn
1 Turbo Air Compressor
and 5.5 Liter Tank System
Warranty 6 Months
Item # 46123
Deluxe Chrome 4 Trumpet Mini Train Horn, Super Loud
Easy Installation, Sound Output: 130db (+)10db
12V Heavy Duty Electric Solenoid
Dimensions 12" L x 6 1/2" W x 6" H
Warranty 6 Months
Item # 46140
Heavy Duty Compressor and Tank System
For High Pressure Air/Train Horns
Heavy Duty, High Volume Turbo Compressor with 5.5 Liter Extended Tank That Permits for Extended Horn Operation
On-Board Air System for All 12 Volt Vehicles
Auto On/Off Switch
Sold in Set, Includes 1 Air Compressor and 1 Air Tank
Warranty 6 Months
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