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Headlight H4 Bulb w/ Amber LED & LED Turn Signal - Amber LED/Clear Lens

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Brand: United Pacific
Black "GUIDE" Style Headlight, Real Old School
Housing Item # 32009
Top Mount 5 Amber LED w/ Clear Lens Single Function Light Item # 38029B
Available w/ 34 Amber LED Crystal Halogen Bulb Item # 31378
Warranty 6 Months

Item # 31378
7" Crystal Headlight with 34 Auxiliary LEDs
34 Amber LEDs with Clear Lens
Reinforced Multi-Surfaced Aluminum Reflector Housing
Anti-Vibration Structural Design
HB2/9003 Halogen Bulb: 12V 65/55W, Replaces H6017/H6024
HB2/9003 DOT/SAE Code: DOT SAE-HR1-01
Warranty 6 Months

Item # 32005-3
Wiring Kit for "GUIDE" Headlight
Kit Includes 3 Contact Pigtail
Wire for Top Mounting Signal Light
Stainless Steel Wire Loom
Warranty 6 Months

Item # 32009
Gloss Black Powder Coated Steel "GUIDE" Style Headlight with Chrome Rim
Without 5 LED Top Mount and Bulb
Glossy Black Finish, Ready to Use, Can Also be Painted to Match Your Rig
Warranty 6 Months

Item # 38029B
5 LED Top Mount Light for "GUIDE" Style Headlight
Amber LED w/ Clear Lens, Epoxy Sealed
Only Fits United Pacific Headlight Bezel with Top Mount Signal
1156 Plug (Hard Wired)
Warranty 10 Years
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