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Peterbilt Air Cleaner Bracket 2 LED Mini Lights & Bezels - Amber LED/Amber Lens

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Product Details
Stainless Steel Peterbilt Front Air Cleaner Bracket with 26 Mini LED Clearance/Marker Lights
2 LED w/ Amber Lens Item # 37142, Single function
Specially Designed Lens Project Light 180 Degree
Stainless Steel Front Air Cleaner Light Bracket Available Separately: Item # 30104 with 26 Light Cutouts
Warranty 6 Months

Item # 37142
2 LED Mini Clearance Marker Light with Stainless Steel Bezel
Requires a 3/4" Opening, Mounts with Enclosed Rubber Grommet
2 Amber LED w/ Amber Lens, 8 1/2" Wire Lead
Specially Designed Lens Project Light 180 Degree
Warranty Lifetime

Item # 30104
Stainless Steel Peterbilt Air Cleaner Light Bracket
Each Air Cleaner Has Thirteen 13/16" Light Cutouts (Total Twenty Sixe 13/16" Light Cutouts)
Stainless Steel Bracket Only
Dimensions 26?? (L) x 3 7/8?? (W)
Warranty 6 Months
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