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Embossed Stripe Headlight 5 LED Bulb & LED Turn Signal - Amber LED/Clear Lens

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Brand: United Pacific

304 Stainless Steel Embossed Stripe Headlight with "Classic" Headlight Bezel Designed to Fit Peterbilt
Available with 4 Amber LED Dual Function Turn Signal in Amber or Clear Lens and 7 Different Bulbs
Warranty 6 Months

Item # 30374
304 Stainless Stripe Headlight Housing Designed to Fit Peterbilt
Warranty 6 Months

Item # 30399
"CLASSIC" Headlight Bezel for 7" Headlight Designed to Fit Peterbilt
Available with Signal Hole
Warranty 6 Months

Item # 31391
5 High Power LED 7" Headlight, PHILIPS LUMILEDS
Reinforced Aluminum Reflector, Rugged Anti-Vibration Construction
Improved Visibility with Whiter Light Output that is Closer to the Color Temperature of Daylight
IP67 Rating

Technical Specifications

Low Beam Application

12-24V DC Input
1.7 Amps @ 12.8V DC
Lumen Output: 500
FMVSS108 Compliant

High Beam Application

12-24V DC Input
2.6 Amps @ 12.8V DC12-24V DC Input
Lumen Output: 100012-24V DC Input
FMVSS108 Compliant12-24V DC Input
Warranty 3 Years12-24V DC Input

Item # 39750B12-24V DC Input
12-24V DC Input
Signal Light with 4 LEDs for 7" Headlight 12-24V DC Input Designed to Fit Peterbilt
4 Amber LED w/ Clear Lens Dual Function12-24V DC Input
Only Fits United Pacific, Headlight Bezel with Turn Signal Holes12-24V DC Input
1157 Plug (Hard Wired)12-24V DC Input
Warranty 6 Months12-24V DC Input

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